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Megaflow system is chosen by homeowners when combi boiler does not work out or they want to replace old conventional system. There are houses or bigger flats, with two or more bathrooms, where megaflow system would be a good choice. On this tab you will find information about when it is worth to choose this solution.

Replacement of boiler and ancillary work.
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Boilers installations, boiler repairing and bathroom installation.
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Re-location of boiler and system service and flush.
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New radiator installed and relocated in bedroom.
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What exactly is a megaflow system?

Megaflo (not Megaflow) is most popular brand for hot water cylinders of unvented type. Because of this name people started to call all cylinders of this type as Megaflows and central heating installations in which they are being used as megaflow systems.

Megaflow is a central heating system of unvented type and that means this system works in a different way from conventional system. Conventional system, which is open vented, requires a cold water storage cistern or even two: one used as domestic hot water system feed tank and other used as heating system feed tank. Tanks are located above the whole installation, so generally in the loft, to make pressure in system.

In megaflow system you do not need any tanks. Pressure is made by hot water cylinder and is much higher than in open vented system. You enjoy higher pressure at all hot taps and do not worry that someone else can run hot water in other tap at the same time.

How does Megaflow system work?

Megaflow system is mains water fed and uses combinational boiler besides hot water cylinder. Water from main fed is warming up in combi boiler. The source of hot water supply in central heating circulation is a boiler as it is in the standard combinational boiler system. The hot water goes from the boiler through the coils inside hot water cylinder and goes back to central heating circulation. In this way hot water incoming from boiler becomes heat generator and warms up water stored in the cylinder. From the cylinder hot water is supplied to all taps and showers at home.

What are Megaflow advantages?

- hygiene - no standing water open to contamination

- higher pressure in taps

- many taps can be run at the same time

- powerful showers and fast-filling baths

- backup for hot water

- free space in the loft - no need for any tanks

What are Megaflow disadvantages?

- more expensive to install than conventional system

- more expensive to install and to run than combi boiler system

- the need for additional space for cylinder - system bigger than combi boiler system

- cannot be used with a power showers

- requires professional installation

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