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Underfloor heating is an alternative to other available heating systems. This system, for the most part, is installed in bathrooms or kitchens as a main or additional heat source, but it happens to be used as the only heating system in whole house. Because of advantages of this type of central heating installation, it gained popularity, especially among new properties owners.

Replacement of boiler and ancillary work.
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Re-location of boiler and system service and flush.
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New radiator installed and relocated in bedroom.
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How does the underfloor heating work?

Underfloor heating system can be used for all flooring types including ceramics, wood, stone, vinyl, or even carpet. There are two types of this central heating system: electric and wet, but actually both types are very similar in the way they warm indoor air. The source of heat is placed under the whole floor in the room and distibutes heat from the floor up to the ceiling. That means the warm air circulates in a different way than it is in a system where radiators are used.

What is the difference between electric and water-fed systems?

Electric system uses resistive heating cables and there is no water in this system. Series of electric wires or heating mats are placed in the adhesive layer when tiling or in the semi-levelling compound.

Our clients who decide to install underfloor heating to an existing bathroom or kitchen usually choose electric mats. The reason is simple - this system is cheaper and much easier to install.

Water-fed system is the installation where boiler provides hot water to a manifold (central system connecting all underfloor heating pipes together) and then around all pipes under floor. It needs more space than electric system and is not always possible to install in existing bathroom or kitchen. As it is a difficult and complex installation it should be fitted by a professional. For this reason, wet systems are more often installed in new buildings. This system is more expensive to install but has lower running costs than an electric heating system.

What are the advantages of underfloor heating?

The most important are your comfort and system effectiveness. Underfloor heating operates at a lower temperature and distributes heat much more effectively than radiator heating. The benefits are also reduced energy consumption and heating costs. You need to know that wet system can be used as a cooling system too.

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